About us

HUMAN CARE SOCIETY was initiated on 13th November 2001.HCSis a developmental organization run by a group of professionals facilitating community development initiatives since it came into existence. Our strategy is to empower the vulnerable sections of the society by building their capacities through education, medical, women empowerment, vocational training and skill–based development.

We are working for the cause of human development focusing on the less privileged sections of the society with the objective to provide experiential learning and vocational training to empower and develop weaker sections of the society. Our prime focus is on developing self- dependence in women and children to enable them to lead more effective and satisfactory lives. Further, the development of this focus group will help in mainstreaming and integrating them with immediate community and society at large.

HCS achievements are due to our partners in development and to the people who make up HCS i.e. our committed staff everywhere, the volunteers (who give so much of their time) and the donors (who are generous enough to make field visits in the community). What they do makes the difference, “Turning a passion for justice into effective action.” We are accountable to both the donors/funding agencies and to the people we assist, to make sure that the resources are optimally and well utilized in consonance with the work targets and objectives. Our aim is to maximize the quality and effectiveness of our work and to make the benefits and services available to most downtrodden in the social ladder.

Our Focus

  • Self- Sustainability
  • Employability
  • Computer Literacy
  • Education
  • Community development and Health
  • Women and Child empowerment
  • Overall development of the society
  • Promote cultural and moral values
  • Environment protection and enhancement.
  • Medical facilities
  • Adventure sports